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Stackable Fish Tote & Drip Tote

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Style Fish Tote
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Stackable Fish Totes and Drip Totes are ideal for the end of the day.  When transporting those fish to the cleaning table for processing.  The stackable trays work great for storage, as they collapse into themselves, but when processing fish, and wanting to separate fish , the Totes will stack on top of each other.

The Drip totes are also awesome as it allows water and fish slim to drip through, and having a fish tote at the bottom and multiple drip totes, it's ideal for processing all your different fish and keeping them separated.

Or even for Prawning, having a drip tote on top and a fish tote on the bottom, all the water drips away from those prawns!  These are A MUST HAVE in every boat, dock, boat house, back of the truck, trailer, camper!