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Color Herring Aid
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We are excited to launch our own line of custom HYPER GLO 6" fishing plugs. A long standing tradition of commercial fisherman which has now generated a cult following of anglers. Crafted from durable plastic extrusion, these plugs feature a built-in rattle bead, stainless loop wire, crane swivel, and #6/0 stainless hooks. The plugs are all meticulously painted with glow paint, covering either the entire plug or just the belly section, complemented by red eyes. The finishing touch is a proprietary UV reflective clear coat, providing a lifelike reflection and a glow intensity like no other underwater. Available in six vibrant colors: Herring Aid, No Bananas, Mother of Pearl, Blue Moon, NVP, and the Green Meanie. Elevate your fishing experience with our quality plugs!

COMING SOON - Expected May 1st, 2024