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CRUCIFISH - Dummy Flasher w/ Release Clip

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This easy-to-use, pre-assembled system allows you to experience the full force and fight of the fish.

  1. Connect the Crucifish to the downrigger cable anywhere you like.
  2. When a fish bites, the line is instantly pulled away from the "Scotty" release clip.
  3. The CruciFish remains attached to the downrigger line on a horizontal cable.

This means that you are left reeling in the fish with nothing more than your chosen terminal lure. (spoons, plugs, bait)

Uncover Why You Should Be Using The CruciFish 

  • Get rid of excess weight and drag caused by traditional fishing equipment.
  • Improve the vitality and well-being of the fish you catch by removing in-line flashers.
  • Experience fishing without the drag of inline flashers. Fight the fish, not the flasher.

Product Details:

  • Dummy flasher spreader bar
  • Downstream terminal line Scotty release clip
  • Composite plastic construction arms
  • SST ball bearing swivels
  • Custom Designed Agitator Flashers in Green and Chartreuse & Glow Stripe
  • Innovative, tangle free flasher connections