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FWS-Flyfishing Series Reel

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Size FFS56i - 5/6W
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These mid/high end fly reels have super smooth bearings and a sealed drag system which allow the rotation of the spoon to feel seamless.  Fully inter-changable grip style from right to left, wide arbour for a quick line retrieve, these reels are excellent for angling here in the west coast.  All components are Aluminum and Stainless, making these reels ideal for fresh or saltwater fishing.

 Sizes: FFS56i - 5/6 Weight OR FFS78i - 7/8 Weight

Colour: Gun Metal

Reel Specifications:

  • CNC Machined, Cold Forged 7009
  • Wide Arbour, Alumium Frame & Spool
  • Sealed Drag - Water and Sand Proof
  • Gun Metal Colour - Anodized Oxidated Surface
  • Stainless components
  • One way Cluth Bearing
  • Left or Right Reel Conversion

*Reel Conversion Instructions: (reels are set by default to left hand retrieve)

Remove the spool, unscrewed the inside bearing nut, then using a flathead screw driver, pop the circular bearing out first, then take out the white plastic internal sleeve and flip it inside out and place back into the spool, place circular bearing on top, then the bearing nut back on and rotate reel onto seat.