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Rod Tip Terminal Connector with Beads

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The rod tip terminal connector consists of a bead chain swivel welded to a ball bearing swivel and a quick connect.  Complete with beads these set ups are perfect for connecting and disconnecting flashers quickly. 

The purpose of this custom connector is with a ball bearing swivel, it ensures the flasher spins freely, reducing coiled main line memory.  Everyone knows how frustrating it is when the mainline gets all curled and difficult to work with and tangles around the rod tip especially.  Using a ball bearing swivel reduces the line memory and cuts down on the untangling time, resulting in more time in the water to catch fish.


  • Set of 2
  • Stainless Bead Chain Swivels
  • #6/0 ball bearing swivels with stainless welded rings
  • 250lb Sampo quick connnectors
  • Beads

Just tie onto the main line and you're ready to fish!