WCFT Brand Ambassadors

WCFT Brand Ambassadors promote the company through their experiences using our tackle products.  They are respected and public figures in the fishing community, have a large following on social media and have the ability to create brand specific content.  Brand Ambassadors are screened and interviewed and if chosen to represent our company, enter a contractual relationship for a period of time.  For more information on becoming a Brand Ambassador, please contact, Jeff Leung, President @ jeff@westcoastfishingtackle.ca


Brand Ambassadors 2023 Season:


K is for Kyle and C is for Crystal, and we are a husband and wife team of Salt Water Kayak Anglers, from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Our journey into kayak fishing happened a bit by accident, we were in the market for a boat, until one day we stumbled across a video on YouTube of a person landing a Marlin…FROM A KAYAK! Instantly we both had goosebumps, and knew we had found our sport.  So we dove head first into the world of Kayak Fishing and haven’t looked back.  The feeling we get from fighting a fish, so close to the water, in such a primitive way, is a feeling not easily duplicated.

Fast forward a couple years and we’ve fallen more in love with this incredible sport, so we’ve decided to share our passion with the world!   Filming each one of our fishing adventures for our YouTube channel and Instagram account.

Filming gives us the chance to not only share our adventures with family and friends, as well as our four children.  But show people a different form of fishing that has forever changed our lives.

Follow all of our Kayak Fishing adventures!

YouTube: https://youtube.com/@kckayakfishing

Instagram: @kckayakfishing



 Ally Dolphin is from the West Coast of British Columbia. Her hobbies include everything land & sea.  She has a big heart for learning the ways of the ocean & hunting the land. 

Fishing our open West Coast seas & our stunning lakes with her partner Reggie O’hare. They are the most happiest on sea or in the mountains & are both inspiring other anglers to continue the passion. They spend of their time sharing their knowledge of harvesting fish & crab for both their family’s & small community. Together they make the best team. 

Across the rivers passed the all the city’s through the deepest forest within the tress surrounded by the beautiful sounds of nature. Through it all, At the edge of the ocean is where you will always find me. Buried deep within the sea. I walk the ocean floors n never have to breathe. - A.D

Follow all of our adventures!

Instagram: @inspire.to.create.photography

Tiktok: @inspire.to.create

Facebook: Ally Dimitri-May Dolphin