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Branded Apparel - WCFT HOODIE - Moonjelly GLOW Multiple Colors

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Size Small
Colour Halo Moonjelly Glow
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We are super excited to launch our WCFT HOODIE!!  One of a kind, Moon Jelly Multi Colour GLOW options!  We use a similar material to UV GLOW Flashers, and these look so cool in the day and GLOW at night! 

Hoodies are black, Jeerzees 996 - Nublend Fleece Pull over, 50/50 blend, and weigh 8oz.  They fit standard North American Sizes, not too heavy, great for under layers or every day use.  Premium heat transfer holographic vinyl, good for up to 50 washes.

For something unique, created and made here in Vancouver, pressed by me, this hoodie is awesome!!  Cheers, Jeff