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Branded Apparel - Westcoast Fishing Tackle Heated Hoodie

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Size Medium
Back Logo - Phat-E Holographic Yes
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The WCFT Hoodie is one of a kind!  This heavy weight, 100% cotton, black hoodie has been custom designed for fishing on the West Coast!  Complete with internal heating pads on the back, and 2 front pockets, this hoodie is powered by any portable power pack.  Charge your cell phone and keep warm on those chilly mornings or cold days on the water.  Under a Gortex Jacket, this will keep you warm and dry!  Simple, Functional & Stylish.

Hoodie Specifications:

Black Only

Full Zipper

Zippers on both pockets

Power Button - 3 heat settings - RED - High, White - Medium, Blue - Low

Rear Logo - Optional is Holographic

Wash in Cold Water - No Dryer

Battery Pack Not Included


Jackets fit true to size, are not oversized like traditional hoodies.  They are meant to be tight to the body to provide the body contact for the heating elements.  A 5,000Mha power pack will last up to 5 hours of constant use.  The Holographic logo on the back is optional at no charge.