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Custom Designed - Baby Rockish Spoon

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Style Phat-E Blank
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The custom Baby Rock Fish Spoon represents juvenile rock fish in various species, but the orange represents yellow eye and vermilion species.  The salmon target these bait fish especially when fishing close to structure, underwater reefs or near kelp beds.  Shallow water fishing means everything is clear and bright, and sometimes, that color imitation really makes the difference.

The spoons are airbrush painted with a bright green and orange on opposite sides of the chrome spoon, then coated with a UV glitter infused clear resin topcoat, then assembled with a #3 ball bearing swivel and XXX mustad stainless hook.  One of kind works of art, these are super high performance, and deadly in any shallow water closer to structure and reefs.

These are nothing like the "original".  They are super high performance, high quality, made of superior materials and one of a kind.

Limited Edition, only while quantities last.

Available in the Phat-E Blank Only.